Accurate User-Behavior = More Conversions

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By Clicks

Using our overlays, you can see what your visitors are clicking versus what “you think” they are clicking.
Are people clicking your images? navigation? primary or secondary call to actions?

By Eye-Tracking

Watch how the visitor’s eyes are drawn to certain areas on a page.
Are they going to specific parts of the page you want them to? Do you need to redesign a certain element on the page to help draw their attention to it?

By Scroll

Using our overlays, you can see what your visitors are clicking versus what “you think” they are clicking.
Is your layout getting visitors to scroll your pages? Are the following your sales funnel from page to page?

$50,000 A Month Increase In Bottom Line Profits

Everyone Wins When You Know What Your Customers Really Want!

“We highly recommend this for your business and services. Anyone interested in growing and strengthening their business presence on the internet has to use this to know how and what your visitor/customer is doing on your webpage, landing pages, and thru out the sales funnel.” $400,000 to over $1,000,000 in sales! Represents a positive change (increase) of over 150% in Revenue in the first 12 months! All our methods were built and optimized using Web Tracking Solutions heat mapping solutions and allowed us to know how to guide our visitors thru the sales funnels. We created more sales by changing the very things customers were showing us they wanted and more importantly what they didn’t want. This allowed us to fix site issues and landing pages quickly, so we could focus on up-sells and cross sells and better customer service”.

Linda and Bill Grondahl – Electrical Test Labs of Georgia, Inc.

Track Visitors On All Devices

100% Mobile Friendly

Web Tracking Solutions accurately tracks your visitors from all mobile devices.

Nearly 60% of internet usage comes from mobile devices!

Don’t lose customers, leads and sales because you aren’t tracking your visitors.
Web Tracking Solutions will help you convert traffic into sales.

If You Aren’t Tracking You are Losing Sales!


Web Tracking Solution Works On Any Website or CMS